2008年12月12日 星期五

This I believe

I believe that “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” I think this is a general rule for everyone. There is a Chinese proverb has a similar meaning of that, which says “Clever hare has three burrows to hide.” It comes from a story from War Period (about 453 BC to 221 BC) of Chinese, Feng-Xuan advised Meng-Chang-Jun in the story. The proverb teaches us not to risk all at once.

Now, we are under the economic recession, it likes a tsunami drowning most of us. I think this is more important, it is time for us to think what the economy it is, and how we should adjust our life, especially in the economy activities. Investment always obeys the rule that high ROI (Return on Investment) implies high risk, low ROI implies low risk. But we almost forget that, so structured note, subprime mortgage, and other problems break out that beyond what we expected. We can hear people around us or on the news loss much property, even loss their wonderful retirement life. Lehman Brothers is a good example. They did more risk investment, and got a lot of money. At last, the high return swallows up their sense, so they may think the probability of the risk is so tiny that it is improbable occurs on them, and the magnificent dream will go on. But unfortunately, the tragedy fell on them. In a short time, they bankrupt.

So I think we should learn something from this calamity. In the past time, financial advisors always advise us to have diverse portfolios, which range from high risk to low risk. We are convinced that we must get some return in a long-tern investment. Therefore, some people invest almost all of their property into the structured note, stock, or currency when they accept the advice. On the news, a man invest all his retirement pension of NT 2,000,000 on the structured note only because he think they must get high return, but finally the structured note only values about NT 300,000. What a pity it is! I think we should be a little conservative, and don’t be a risk taker. I think it is smart to invest just a little part of your property, and leave some cash with you. Now, under the economy recession, cash is more useful.

2008年12月10日 星期三

What would happen if you could fly whenever you wanted? When would you use this ability?

We all even dreamed of flying high in the sky when we were a child. There are also many movies or cartoons’ main role that can fly. So when you ask a child why they want to fly, the child may say, “I want to be a witch so that I am free, and I can ride a broom flying to anywhere.” While the other one may say, “I want to step into a telephone booth and change to be a superman and save the world.” Thus, Mr. Wright invented a glider.

Let me imagine that I am a child. If I were a child, I’ll fly to the moon. In the moon, I’ll see a maid called Chang-Er living in a bleak palace, there only some rabbits that pound some Mua-Chee with pestle accompany her. And I also can see a man named Wu-Gang fells a laurel on the moon. If I were a child, I want to fly in the rainbow, there must live a beautiful fairy in it. The palace of the fairy must also be colorful, like rainbow itself. I’ll pray her give me a colorful life, i.e. the life of no homework, no work, and I can wake up in the morning without an alarm. How a magnificent dream it is!


Wisdom is usually very useful in dealing many affairs, including diplomacy, social problem, love affair, etc. Wise person knows what the situation is and how to calm down the chaos. They may take empathy of others, so they can easily find what the problem is and solve it.,

Wisdom is cultivated in the daily life. It grows by the accumulation of experience. As what the Chinese proverb says, “You don’t grow up your wisdom if you don’t go through a thing. (不經一事,不長一智) I think wise people are always optimistic and altruistic. When they are in a tough situation, they always face it and try to solve it to their best. So they usually think in many aspects and jump out of the frame of thought.
Like the test the psychologist made: What do you think if you have a half glasses of water? Maybe some people will say, “ I just get only half glasses of water.” But the wise ones usually think in the other way, the other aspect, so they will say, “That’s wonderful, I have half glasses of water.” Therefore, wise people are usually so happy. They are usually easily solve some problems because they think something different and are always in a good mood. They are also enthusiastic to help others in trouble, in which they can get some experiences that makes them wiser.

Thus, I think be kind of the others and be in a good mood is the key to the wisdom. Cultivate your good attitude and behavior, you can also be a wise person, and you will live in a happy life.

2008年12月5日 星期五

How will we do owing to the deteriorating environment?

Almost all America celebrated when Amstrong landed on noon and said, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” which symbolizes the advent of the space age. People began to dream of traveling through the galaxy.

Now, many environmental problems are deteriorating: green effect, El Niño, acid rain, ozone depletion. Scientists observe the drawback of glaciers and predict that iceberg will melt out owing to the green effect, and some land will be drowned. Therefore, some major countries signed Kyoto Protocol to cooperate in reducing emissions of green house gases, such like carbon dioxide, methane, but it seems to be failed.

On the other hand, some people dreams about seeking other planet which is suitable for us to dwell in. They think the universe is so ‘endless’ that there must be some planets like earth where we can dwell. So many countries launch spacecraft to outer space not only to seek new planets but also to make some profound research for our known planets. It also can be widely known that they are the leading countries of the world.

But I think it is a little ridiculous. If you want to go to the outer space, you should have a space craft. But it need much energy and cost a lot. There isn’t so much energy resources on the earth for “all” of us to go to the other planet. I think the real way to manage the problem is to save the energy resources and reduce pollutants right now.

Every creature in the ecological system is closely linked, and what we do is deeply influenced the environment. I think deteriorating environment will contribute to the irregular precipitation, and someplace will be lack of water, than we may want to establish a reservoir. But a reservoir should need a big place to build up, so the primitive forest of a mountain may be destroyed, then the vicious circle initiates.

So everything on the earth (even in the universe) is a “ whole one”. We are the one.
We had better take care of everything around us, save the resources and reduce pollutants right now. Thus, the earth will be an eternal wonderful planet.

Armstrong had a lapse, he missed an ‘a’ in the sentence. It should be “That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

2008年11月20日 星期四

What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs?

What would happen if it really did rain cats and dogs? Wow, what a fantastic question it is! I almost can’t imagine how it will be. But I’ll tell you my imagination to the best of my ability.

If it really does rain cats and dogs, I think it must be a quite terrible thing, and more further, I may say it is a ‘horrible’ thing. I imagine three occurrences it may happen, and explain as follow:

The first possible occurrence is that cats and dogs ‘rain’ on the ground, the earth may be a battle field, they may fight together with their claws and mouths, scratching and biting one another. Finally, we will be ‘drowned’ by the carcass. But on the other hand, they will be cooperated together; they may be allies to be against to our human beings, and the third World War will happen. Whichever happens, at the last, the God may appear and say, ‘Don’t slaughter. I WANT PEACE.’ There may be a third case, the cats and dogs are so tender that they never attack any people, but they will be served as our meals, and our staple may be cats and dogs instead of rice and noodles. Some people will be expected about rain. Thanks god, if it rains, we all have food to eat.

Maybe any of these imaginations are so extraordinary, but I think it did happen if it rain. I wish it didn’t happen because it may be much stinky odor spread out to the world, and I CAN’T STAND It.